“Towards an innovative integrated transformative action to tackle climate change” 

The event, organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, presented the latest science- based innovative initiatives that are exploring how to align most recent pioneering scientific knowledge, research with sustainability to tackle decisively climate change challenges. The event gathered founders from Fortescue Future IndustriesRebalance EarthIMF research on Nature Based Solutions,  Brain Capital Alliance, the Blue Green World, and Switchmed to accelerate sustainability, that tackles climate change challenges from a trans-disciplinary perspective, linking economy, biodiversity, neuroscience, urban planning and finance.

Watch the recording of the event here.

10 November 2022

COP27, Mediterranean Pavilion

“Investing in and financing the acceleration of sustainable development in a net zero scenario”

The event, organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, presented the latest investment and financing-based initiatives and regulatory actions to accelerate the sustainable transition and net zero scenario including the European Banking Authority, the European Investment Bank and the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility. It delved into the public private partnership to accelerate the green transition in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa and propose innovative financing solutions towards an accelerated transition.

Watch the recordings of the event here and here.

9 November 2022

Workshop: Building an ecosystemic transition model with transformative actions

The aim of this workshop, held and hosted by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, was to find points of synergy between STA with other existing initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean context and invite them to work on common challenges in a complementary way. This workshop counted on the participation of relevant and well-known initiatives related to blue and green economy in the Mediterranean.

3 November 2022

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