Working Groups

STA establishes a permanent working group that will launch meetings and working sessions with relevant stakeholders around the topics related to the STA Pillars. The aim of this working group is to build the space of exchange and co-creation of the initiative inviting specific experts to participate in specific themes, always with a clear objective and outcome to achieve commonly.


Joint actions

STA works on the four following working groups.

Biodiversity and Nature Capital

Challenges and opportunities associated with the emergent concept of giving a proper value to nature across the global economy.

Territorial Resilience

Challenges to meet urban metabolism and territorial planning incorporating integral natural-based solutions in cities and towns dealing resilience through biocapacity, communities’ livability and territories’ revitalisation.

Sustainable Finance

Roadmap for sustainable and greener business models, and sustainable management of emerging economic and financial activities.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Addressed to decision-makers from public and private sector enhancing skills and behavioural change in leadership; entrepreneurship and management to drive transformative actions.

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